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Campus Quotes

gregory kopp

One of the things we’ve discovered in our wind tunnel work is a piece of plywood will travel at 60 or 70 per cent of the wind speed in a storm. So, if you’re in a tornado and there’s 200 km/hr winds, a piece of plywood can be traveling 130-140 km/hr. You wouldn’t want to get hit by that."
- Professor Gregory Kopp - Canada Research Chair at Western

barabara sweete

Before directing an opera, it’s true that I feel fear. But it’s an enabling fear. It’s a fear that gives me the energy and the clarity and the tools that I need to do what I need to do... if you surrender to fear, it gives you clarity."
- Barbara Willis-Sweete, BMus'7, film director at TEDxWesternU on April 5, 2013

jessica grahn

No study finds that music listening for babies or fetuses has any effect on brain function or cognitive ability. None whatsoever … Music can reduce pain after surgery, during labour, ease recovery after stroke, also improve endurance and perceived exertion."
- Jessica Grahn - Cognitive Neuroscientist, Brain and Mind Institute, Western

jean philippe vergne

To obtain piracy, you need four things: First you need uncharted territory. Second, no consensual rules defining what is legal, what is legitimate. Then you need states that compete for control over this territory. And fourth, use monopolistic organizations that seek to achieve territorial enclosure."
- Jean-Philippe Vergne - Assistant Professor, Ivey School Business

rob stewart

We’ve made the oceans 30 percent more acidic. In a more acidic environment, anything in the ocean that builds skeletons is going to have trouble… Four of the five mass extinctions in the past 500 million years that wiped most life off the planet Earth have been caused by ocean acidification."
- Rob Stewart, BSc’01 - Writer, Producer, Director

douglas burkenshaw

70% of all people on Earth will be living in urban areas by 2050 – and we should have another 2 billion on the planet by then. So, my Rachel Carson vision of a beautiful Earth is now replaced by a very interconnected Earth.”"
- Douglas Birkenshaw - Principal at B+H Architects, BArch, BES, LEED AP, OAA, FRAIC

cameron roberton and todd reichert

Today, we’re going to show you how human power alone you can break highway speed limits and sustain flight…If you want to find out something, you have to find the best people in the world and talk to them face-to-face."
- Cameron Robertson & Todd Reichert - Aviators and Innovators

tima bansal

Google Scholar searches with scholarly articles at your fingertips vs mid-1990s 4-hour searches at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library: “We call that time-space compression. This is really wonderful in the world of ideas because if we can move ideas more quickly, we can make radical changes more quickly.”"
- Tima Bansal, MA’84 - Professor; Ivey Business School.

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