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When Your Career Dreams Change
Here are a few pointers on finding your footing and setting your sights on what the next ‘success’ looks like for you.
Defining your value proposition for a targeted job search
Understanding your value so you can send a clear and convincing message to employers that you are the one they need is the most effective way to secure an interview and subsequently, the job itself.
What comes after hello?
We live in a digital world, but face to face conversation hasn’t lost its importance.
Five Fatal Flaws to overcome in your Job Search
In meeting talented job seekers wondering why they have not experienced employment success. What’s happening and what can they do
Professional Outreach Tips for New Grads
I believe in transparency, honesty and authenticity in life and in business. So along those themes, here is some straight up constructive feedback that will benefit those who are looking to polish some of their outreach skills.
How to shine during your next interview
The key to interview success is to be a great storyteller
A career chat with Priya Singh
Priya Singh BMSc'08 landed her dream job and had a few things to say about how attending a Western Alumni Career Management workshop gave her what she needed to make it all happen.
Building your personal brand
Join Phil Pallen in Toronto for one of eight workshops in an international series, where he'll teach you about positioning, building, and promoting your brand.
Optimize your job search and get noticed
Are you making the most of your job search efforts?
Acing the Interview
We invited three expert panelists to chat about hiring and getting hired during our second #PurpleWorks Twitter Chat.
We’ll be talking with 4 expert panelists about “Entrepreneurship” in our third #PurpleWorks Twitter Chat.
What you need to know about getting hired
We invited four expert panelists to chat about hiring and getting hired during our first #PurpleWorks Twitter Chat.
Acing the interview with your two minute personal profile
When it comes to first impressions, nothing is more valuable than having the ability to distinguish yourself from others, especially during an interview.
The 2-Hour Job Search
Author Steve Dalton offers step-by-step, time-limited instructions for the most frustrating part of finding work — getting a first interview.
Advanced resume strategies
Distinguished Career Coach, Ross Macpherson, brings to you a workshop on advanced resume strategies.
Prepare for your next interview with InterviewStream
Before heading into your next interview, spend 30 minutes using our newest technology: InterviewStream.
Why you can’t get a job
Many job candidates do all the right things and still it’s a daunting task to get a new job.
Networking: how it's done
Western's Alumni Career Coach, Sarah Dawson, lays out the basics of networking.
Four common mistakes to avoid
Western's Alumni Career Coach, Sarah Dawson, outlines four mistakes commonly made in the job search and how to avoid them.
Taking a targeted approach
Western's Alumni Career Coach, Sarah Dawson, discusses the importance of a targeted approach.
Your resume, your marketing tool
Western's Alumni Career Coach, Sarah Dawson, explains why your resume is an important marketing tool.
Winning cover letters
Yes, you need a cover letter! Unless the posting states “Do not include a cover letter,” it is recommended that an applicant send one to accompany a resume.
Transferrable skills
A listing of some examples of the kinds of skills that a Western degree can develop.
Government of Canada resources
The Canadian government offers a number of services and tools that help you search for jobs and evaluate opportunities.
Get the right job faster
Western's Alumni Career Coach, Sarah Dawson, gives you a few useful tips on how to land the right job for you.
Company rankings: the best of the best
Each year, a variety of organizations and publications evaluate thousands of employers and release a list of the best of the best.
Common resume questions
Not sure what to put on your resume? How to format it? What font to use? We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers about resumes.
Common Linkedin mistakes and how to correct them
Whether you have a LinkedIn profile or you are just getting started building one, this video will help you by showing the most common LinkedIn mistakes and how to correct them.
Chronological vs. functional/skill based resumes
The two most commonly used resume formats are: chronological and functional/skill based. This article contains descriptions of these types of resumes, plus their respective advantages and disadvantages.
Building your brand on Linkedin
It has never been more important to have a strong personal brand. One of the best ways to showcase your personal brand is by creating a strong online presence one of the leading professional networking sites. This video to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to reflect your personal brand.
Acing the interview
Western's Alumni Career Coach, Sarah Dawson, tells you how to ace your next interview.
Accomplishment statements
Successful marketing involves packaging your skills and experiences to demonstrate your strengths to a potential employer.
21st century networking using LinkedIn
You've heard you should network but how can you start? Are you happy in your career and want to become more connected in your field? Maybe you are looking to advance and want to leverage your LinkedIn network. This video will show you step by step how to use LinkedIn for 21st century networking.
Finding your next great opportunity
Alumni Career Coach Sarah Dawson walks you through a few basic career management principles so that you too can find a hidden gem.
Four tips to network your way to the top
Western's Alumni Career Coach, Sarah Dawson, gives you a few of her best tips on networking.
Best. Resume. Ever.
Tips for success for writing a resume that stands out.
What you need to know about using a recruiter
Thinking of working with a recruiter? Find out how a recruiter can help you target your job search and find the employment opportunity that's perfect for you.
Action verbs to use when writing your resume or CV
We've compiled a list of effective action verbs you can use to express your accomplishments on your resume or CV.
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