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Ten Questions For David Beeston, LLB’07

Senior Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Senior Counsel, Boston Red Sox


What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Running the Boston Marathon. I’d moved to Boston less than two months prior to the attacks in 2013. The way the city rallied in response was immediate and overwhelming and the 2014 Boston Marathon was the largest one ever. At some point, I would like to join the group of runners that have conquered Heartbreak Hill. 



What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I learned from watching my dad that there is no substitute for hard work. All other things being equal, the person that is willing to put in the work will be the person that gets ahead. Entering Western, there were a ton of really smart, talented kids that I knew I could not compete with unless I was willing and eager to put in extra work. Since graduation, I have noticed that not only is work ethic an easily transferable skill, but it is also a universal trait of every successful person I have met, no matter the industry. As Sam Kennedy, President and CEO of the Red Sox says, “It CAN be done!”



Why are people so passionate about Fenway Park?

Boston is a passionate sports town, particularly when it comes to their baseball team. Fenway Park, with its long history and unique dimensions, represents the National Pastime in ways that few other ballparks can. I still pinch myself almost every day when I walk in to work and sit down in my office inside Fenway Park! When completing over $300M of renovations to Fenway Park in the last decade plus, the first principle was “do no harm.” We have something here that is incredibly special and part of our job as custodians was and is to not mess it up!



Describe the biggest challenge you face in your work.

I can’t hit a curve ball to save my life.



Who are your heroes and why?

Any and every great storyteller, but particularly Bruce Springsteen, Chris Rock, David Halberstam and J.K. Rowling.



What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

[Googles, “What is The Rock’s profession?”]



You have 60 seconds with a first-year law student. What do you tell him/her?

Who said “Keep the main thing the main thing?” Western offers so many amazing opportunities to all of its students, whether it is moots, clubs or social outings that it is easy to get caught up in “stuff”. At the end of the day, you are attending Western to get a terrific education that will ultimately help you with your career. Prioritizing what is important to you and acting accordingly are going to be crucial to your success. Keep the main thing the main thing!



What’s your favorite Western Law memory?

I have so many incredible memories from my three years at Western Law: it could be the random guy introducing himself to every person he met as Patrick Rogers from Vancouver City that I thought was obnoxious until he became one of my closest friends; or turning a table in the library into an every afternoon social hour; or maybe our third-year exchange to Hong Kong where every day for three months felt like a holiday!

However great all of those memories were, nothing will beat the first day of law school when I met my future wife, Katie, who would instantly fall in love with me. At least, that’s how I remember it. 



What motivates you?

Every morning, sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m., I hear two little five-year-old feet scurrying into my room to wake me up to start the day. Regardless of when the last night ended, his smiling face telling me it’s time to get going is all I need. Of course, there are other motivations: the enjoyment of what I do every day; engagement with the people I work with; coming to Fenway Park or any other number of things. But it’s that smiling face clambering up on top of me saying “let’s get going” that really motivates me.



Describe your perfect day.

We work in the toy department of life. I get to walk into Fenway Park every morning and work for the Boston Red Sox. On top of that, at least 81 nights of the year I watch a baseball game and get paid to do it! As long as the day ends with a win, it’s been perfect!

This article appeared in the Western Law 2017 Alumni Magazine.
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