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Western Alumni Serves FAQ

1. What is Western Alumni Serves?

Spearheaded by your Alumni Association, Western Alumni Serves is a newly-launched community-service initiative that provides opportunities for alumni to volunteer and connect with fellow alumni while giving back to our communities.

Alumni typically work with existing charities, not-for-profits and community service organizations that meet a specific need in their community.

2. What are the criteria for a Western Alumni Serves program?
  • Project leaders must be Western alumni
  • Hands-on service opportunities for alumni and their friends and family
  • Have specific project tasks organized for alumni to accomplish on the day of service
  • Free of charge / minimal charge
  • Do not engage in direct fundraising
  • Provide opportunities for student and alumni interaction
3. What types of civic engagement activities or programs can alumni pursue?

Alumni may pursue any activity that they feel meet the needs of their community. Examples include:

  • Tree plantings
  • Park clean-ups
  • Clothing drives
  • Volunteering at the food bank
  • Reading to children

Remember to avoid projects that may be controversial, so that everyone will feel welcome.

4. I have an independent project that I will be participating in – can it still be part of Western Alumni Serves?

Yes! Alumni who volunteer for projects on their own, or with an existing group of alumni and friends may also be participate in Western Alumni Serves

  • Complete our Western Alumni Serves Project Leader Form to inform Western Alumni of your independent project
  • There will be a future web presence to highlight independent projects
  • Day-of-event materials from Western Alumni can still be provided, as needed
5. Do I have to work with a Western Alumni Branch or Chapter?

No, any Western alumnus can lead a Western Alumni Serves project. Your staff partner will notify the branch in your area, in order to ensure solid communications.

6. When can events take place?

May is the preferred month, however events can take place at any time of year – depending upon needs of your community, volunteers and Western Alumni Branch.

7. How many alumni participants are needed?

Group size can be as few as 3 or 4 alumni and friends or as large as your Community Partner can accommodate.

8. Can non-alumni participate in the project?

Yes, anyone can participate, however project leaders must be Western alumni.

9. How do I identify and confirm a Community Partner Organization?
  • Consider needs of your community
  • Consider existing relationships
  • Are the Partner Organization's goals consistent with those of Western Alumni? (i.e. avoid projects that may be controversial)
  • Does the scope of the project match the number of volunteers that may participate
  • Can the Partner Organization accommodate our group?
  • Interview potential partner organization – start with their volunteer coordinator. Do they need our help?
  • Define specifics for the day; what will alumni do?
  • When could the project occur?
  • Is day-of-event training/orientation provided?
  • What do you and the Partner Organization hope to accomplish?
  • Can children volunteer? If so, how young?
  • Indoor or outdoor project? How will weather impact?
10. What support will I receive from my Western Alumni Staff Partner?
  • Evite sent to alumni in your area
  • Event posted on Western Alumni Events webpage
  • Event posted on Western Alumni Serves webpage
  • Day-of-event emailed instructions to participants
  • Day-of-event package provided to Project Leader
11. How do I connect with and recruit Western Alumni to participate in my activity?
  • Complete the Western Alumni Serves Project Leader Form.
  • Call or e-mail your Western Alumni Staff Partner to discuss the project
  • Your staff partner will send e-mails to fellow alumni in your area
  • When appropriate, you may also recruit your own family and friends to participate
12. How do I finance my Western Alumni Serves program?

All projects should be free of charge or of minimal charge for alumni to participate.

13. Can I participate in Western Alumni Serves if I live outside of London or Ontario?

YES! Events can take place anywhere there is an interest from alumni and a community need!

14. Whom should I contact for more information about Western Alumni Serves?

Please contact and we will put you in touch with your Western Alumni Partner.

15. How can I find out what Western Alumni Serves events are taking place in other locations?

Please visit Western Alumni Serves or check out the events page.

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