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Western Engineering researchers are working together to make an impact on complex global issues. Specifically, we are focusing on four main areas of research strength: sustainability, environment, resiliency and adaptive systems; biomedical engineering, technology in health and medicine; innovative materials and biomaterials; and ubiquitous information and communications. This Research e-Newsletter highlights our success in these areas. (more)


Circuit board

Making the most of the cloud

Research at Western Engineering is seeking to open the market to technology start-up businesses developing cloud-based software for use in the telecommunications sector. (more)



Vehicular weight loss

A group of Western Engineering researchers are helping General Motors Canada manufacture lighter vehicles using polymer composites to cut emissions and increase battery life in electric cars. (more)


Blood vessel

Mending broken hearts

Research into growing blood vessels is expected to revolutionize heart bypass surgeries and pharmaceutical trials to improve medical reliability in patients and reduce animal testing. (more)


Bio processing machine

Waste not, want not

Two NSERC/CRDs are funding research to develop innovative biological processes to produce gases and fuels from organic wastes including hydrogen, methane and ethanol. (more)


Research Success Stories


Research Centre Spotlight: Particle Technology Research Centre (PTRC)
Dr. Jesse Zhu

With more than 20 years of dynamic research experience, the Particle Technology Research Centre (PTRC) continues to be the world leader in powder technology. Specific areas of research include materials, crystallization, environment technology, green energy and biofuel, multiphase particulate systems, nanotechnology and powder processing technologies. (more)

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Meet a Researcher: Elizabeth Gillies
Dr. Elizabeth Gillies

Elizabeth Gillies is taking advantage of the properties of nanoparticles by using unique degradable polymers to encapsulate pharmaceutical drugs to target intended treatment purposes more efficiently and reduce side effects. (more)

Meet a Graduate Student: Matt Cross
Matt Cross

Matt Cross is aiming to bring Western's leading-edge engineering lab equipment into universities across the country and was recently honoured for his work to develop remote access capability for robotics. (more)

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Tara Negrave
Research Officer, Western Engineering
Spencer Engineering Bldg.
Room 2076
London, ON N6A 5B9
Tel: 519-661-2111, x84469


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